An Illustrated Guide to Modern Sub Hunters by David Miller

By David Miller

Illustrated advisor to trendy Sub Hunters

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Armament: 8 Harpoon SSM launchers; 1 quadruple Sea Sparrow SAM launchers; triple Mk 32 torpedo tubes. Aircraft: 1 Tartar 1 twin Mk 13 SAM Rolls- launcher; 2 4-7m (120mm) gun; 2 WG13 ASW sensors: Lynx. (Hull-mounted) CWE-610. Complement: 246. It is the Dutch intention to create an integrated, efficient and balanced fleet, which will be three task forces each comprising a flagship, six at the heart of ASW frigates and a logistic support vessel. Two of these forces will be allocated to CINCEASTLANT and one to CINCHAN.

Armament: Eight Exocet SSM (four only in first two ships); one Crotale Navale EDIR eight-cell SAM launcher; one 100mm Model 1968, DP gun; two Oerlikon 20mm AA cannon; two catapults for L-5 ASW torpedoes. Two Westland WG-13 Lynx ASW helicopters. Sensors: D-640 to D-643. DUBV-23D hull-mounted sonar; DUBV-43B variable-depth sonar. D-644to D-646. DUBV-24C hull-mounted sonar; DUBV-43B variable-depth sonar, DSBV-61 towed-array Complement: 216 Aircraft: ASW Below: Nameship of the class, Georges Leygues (D-640), at sea.

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