Alcohol Was Not Involved (Shallow End Gals Trilogy, Book 1) by Vicki Graybosch, Mary Hale, Linda McGregor, Teresa Duncan,

By Vicki Graybosch, Mary Hale, Linda McGregor, Teresa Duncan, Kimberly Troutman

"Alcohol was once now not Involved" FBI exact brokers Roger Dance and Paul Casey are confronted with the worst case in their careers. attractive ladies are lacking. a few are exhibiting up weeks later subsequent to busy highways in wide sunlight. useless, strangled, and dumped, like trash. a few are being held captive, prisoners, and starved to loss of life. not one of the conventional principles of profiling appear to follow, and the physique count number retains turning out to be. * 4 acquaintances die in an automobile twist of fate in basic terms to find that Heaven has determined to lead them to 'special' Angels, whose function is to aid mortals do reliable. confronted with studying their new Angel talents while they settle for their first task, to assist Roger and Paul capture the assassin, the Angels locate themselves a bit torn among their mortal attributes and Angel ideas. For Roger and Paul (and the FBI) legislation enforcement is absolutely not an identical. e-book tags: New secret, suspense, mystery, crimes, police, New Orleans publication One: Alcohol was once now not concerned publication : severe warmth caution ebook 3: Silent Crickets

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