Air warfare: an international encyclopedia by Walter J. Boyne

By Walter J. Boyne

Written by way of greater than a hundred foreign students and specialists, this encyclopedia chronicles the contributors, gear, and drama of approximately a century of aerial combat.

• greater than 900 A–Z entries 0 in at the first, the easiest, the worst, the quickest, the top, the latest

• Contributions from a few a hundred best overseas experts―many with wrestle experience

• Lavish set of illustrations with a variety of images together with the Mitsubishi G4M built with the Okha suicide missile, the crimson Baron, and the 1st all-female aircrew of the U.S. Air Force

• Maps starting from the Western entrance as stabilized in 1915 to the Persian Gulf conflict in 1991

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This telescoping tube, affixed to the tanker’s aft body, is used to mate the tanker and receiver. It transfers fuel much faster than the probe-and-drogue setup. General Curtis LeMay deemed this essential for refueling large aircraft, such as the B-52 bomber. Thus, the KC-135, with its flying boom, was selected in 1955 as the USAF’s primary tanker. It remains in service today. Virtually all USAF strategic airlifters are air-refuelable. S. ability to project power worldwide. The first combat air refueling took place on 6 July 1951, when a USAF KB-29 linked up with a flight of RF-80s over Korea.

It entered service with Aeroflot on 15 September of that year, on the Moscow-Omsk-Irkutsk route, cutting the time from 18 hours to seven, and took its place in history as the first sustained airline jet service in the world. The Soviet aircraft manufacturing industry shifted into high gear in 1957. The Ilyushin Il-18, the giant Tupolev Tu-114, and the Antonov An-10, all four-engined turboprops, entered service in that year. Aeroflot deployed them everywhere, and quite a few were exported. The An-10 became the standard equipment for the Arctic regions and started a Great Circle route from Moscow to Khabarovsk, via northern Siberia, in August 1960.

The wartime years saw the introduction of the ubiquitous Douglas DC-3, more than 6,000 of which were built under license as the Lisunov Li-2 in Tashkent. The early postwar years saw a gradual recovery to peacetime conditions. Aeroflot did its best using indigenous designs and, rather like the British, had to start almost from scratch, as the war effort had demanded full concentration on military types. Two fine aircraft designers joined Andrei Tupolev in the commercial field. Sergei Ilyushin saw his Convair 240–like, 18-seat Ilyushin Il-12 go into service in 1946, with the improved 32-seat Il-14 following in 1954.

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