Advanced air pollution by Farhad Nejadkoorki

By Farhad Nejadkoorki

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It means that the set of pollutants related to zinc production industry has only one member (k=1). 4 Monitoring pollutants in lead production industry The main pollutants of lead production industry include carbon dioxide in the air, lead in the water and air, sulfur compounds and nitrogen oxides (International Lead Association, 2005; Siegmund et al, 2010). Due to the shortage of data, the air pollutant, carbon dioxide, was only studied. It means that there is only one member (k=1) in the set of pollutants related to lead production industry.

In one study carried out in Hong Kong (Chao & Law, 2000) a group of 60 people was selected for a study of their personal exposure to NO2. All the participants spent most of their time at home and in an air-conditioned office environment. 3 µg/m3 of the 12 participants involved in the measurement exercises in their home environment. The 12 residential premises were studied for NO2 levels in different locations in both the indoor environment and the surrounding outdoor environment. 8 mg/m3. 8 µg/m3.

High temperature/high pressure conditions exist in internal combustion engines, like those in automobiles (known as “mobile sources”), which is why NOx is one of the major mobile source air pollutants. These conditions of high temperature and pressure can also exist in boilers such as those in power plants, so NOx is also commonly found in high concentrations leaving fossil fuel power generating stations. In addition to atmospheric nitrogen, other sources exist, particularly the nitrogen in fossil fuels.

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