Advanced Aerial Devices Reported During the Korean War by Richard F. Haines

By Richard F. Haines

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June 5, 1952 North Korea This military sighting in Project Blue Book files is listed as a "BALLOON" sighting. No information was found, however, other than the summary card. " June 7, 1952 Seoul This Project Blue Book case was listed as "BALLOON" on the summary card. No other information is available. June 20, 1952 1505 Korean Time CT 0909 Grid area Korea This sighting was found in Air Intelligence Information Report No. 30-52 dated 16 July 1952. The summary sheet signed by Brigadier General Charles Y.

Wall in May of 1989 to ask a number of other questions. Here are my questions and his answers. Q. " A. " Q. " A. " Q. " A. " Q. " A. " Q. " A. " Q. " A. "Yes... " Q. " A. " Page 25 Q. " A. " Q. " A. " Q. '1 A. " Q. " A. " Q. " A. " Q. " A. " Q. " A. " Q. " A. "Forty five degrees up (and) then West" Q. " A. " Q. " Page 26 A. " Notes: 1. Mr. Wall's name, rank, serial number, and other information was found on the official Army roster for his unit as of July 1951. 2. Historical accounts by Marshall (1951), Michaelis and Davidson (1951), Pearl (1963), and Pullen (1954) provide interesting background information on the 27th Infantry Regiment "Wolfhounds".

Each time I switched frequencies the band was clear for a moment, then the buzzing began. (note 2) "While this was going on the objects were still jittering out there ahead of us, maintaining our speed. About the time I gave up trying to radio the carrier the things began maneuvering around our planes, circling above and below. I got a good look at them. I had never seen anything like them before, and I learned after we reached our carrier that the other men in that flight had the same opinion.

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