A Multitude Of Monsters (The Exploits of Ebenezum, Bk. 2) by Craig Shaw Gardner

By Craig Shaw Gardner

"A enjoyable romp. the sector wishes extra humorists of this caliber." (Robert Asprin)

whereas looking a treatment for his illness of magicks, the ache sorcerer Ebenezum and his hapless apprentice are rudely interrupted via militant monsters with a reason.

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He clapped me on the shoulder. ” Quickly, I removed the heavy burden from my back. When we had left from our home in the Western Kingdoms, Ebenezum had brought what learned tomes and magical paraphernalia we might have use of on our journeys. As his apprentice, it was of course my duty to carry these important belongings, especially since, as my master had so often told me, a wizard should keep his hands free for quick conjuring and his mind free for sorcerous conjecture. Heavy as these items were, they had already proved indispensable on a number of occasions, and I had begun to think of the weighty pack as almost a part of me, especially since I could depend on my stout oak staff to help support the weight when the going got rough, and to keep me from pitching forward when we traveled downhill.

Enchanted Brownie shoes, phfahh! I wouldn’t be surprised if the shoemakers and the Brownies were in this together! ” Snarks kicked a medium-sized rock out of the path before us. The demon glowered with an intensity only possible for one raised in the Netherhells. ” The great warrior Hendrek moved to my other side. “There was something about that Brownie, then? ” Hendrek nervously fingered the sack that held Headbasher. He glowered with an intensity only possible for one possessed by an enchanted war-club.

Then, at the edge of the forest, we saw the unicorn. FOUR There is talk in some learned circles in our major cities about whether or not satyrs, centaurs, griffins and certain other fantastic beasts really exist, or are only the product of the popular imagination. As a wizard, 1, of course, tend to side with the satyrs, centaurs and griffins, especially when these beasts begin to doubt the existence of any learned circles in our major cities. —THE TEACHINGS OF EBENEZUM, VOLUME XXXVI The unicorn ran in our direction.

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