A Haunted October: 31 Seriously Scary Ghost Stories by Adams Media

By Adams Media

Thirty-one days, thirty-one chilling tales to scare you the entire approach to Halloween. On every day major as much as All Hallows' Eve, you'll be brought to a daunting poltergeist. [i]A Haunted October[i] offers a month's worthy of terrifying stories that'll hang-out you for years to come.

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People are enchanted every day—by a baby, by a flower, or by the sound of their own voice speaking ideas they didn’t know they had. But to become enchanted by that which frightens or repels you— that’s less common and perhaps even more vital. We’ve never needed that type of enchantment more than we do right now. We live in a time when we are being asked to encounter, appreciate, and accept people and ideas that are utterly foreign to 30 Not in Kansas Anymore us. We are told that we must stop labeling the stranger as strange, as odd, as less than we are.

Then she started looking again. She flipped the top bedsheet up in the air, and out flew the earring. ” “Of course I don’t,” she said, laughing more. ” Is that religion or magic? Does it matter? Is there a difference? ” I replied solemnly, pausing between each word so that she would not miss my inference, “No. I am not afraid. ” She looked a bit abashed, which isn’t an easy thing to make a Philadelphia lawyer do. What was she frightened of ? Nothing, I’d bet. And everything. All the things that may lurk just outside the light.

By the end of the 1970s, it was already going mainstream. ” Somewhat to his own astonishment, he wasn’t rejecting them. “One listens through them to hear still another intimation of astounding possibilities, a shared conviction which allows one to say, ‘Yes, you feel it too, don’t you? ’” Some of those tale tellers became New Agers, and if that had been all there was to the spread of magical thought, magic might not be so important today. In the 1980s, magic went even more mass culture. A deluge of self-help programs and positive-thinking seminars that could have been taken straight from the philosophies of the ancient magi began a fundamental shift in our concepts of who we are and what our relationship to reality is.

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