A conjecture in arithmetic theory of differential equations by Katz N.M.

By Katz N.M.

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Fat manifolds and linear connections

The speculation of connections is primary not just in natural arithmetic (differential and algebraic geometry), but in addition in mathematical and theoretical physics (general relativity, gauge fields, mechanics of continuum media). The now-standard method of this topic was once proposed via Ch. Ehresmann 60 years in the past, attracting first mathematicians and later physicists by way of its obvious geometrical simplicity.

Singularities of Differentiable Maps: Volume II Monodromy and Asymptotic Integrals

The current. quantity is the second one quantity of the ebook "Singularities of Differentiable Maps" via V. 1. Arnold, A. N. Varchenko and S. M. Gusein-Zade. the 1st quantity, subtitled "Classification of serious issues, caustics and wave fronts", was once released through Moscow, "Nauka", in 1982. it will likely be stated during this textual content easily as "Volume 1".

Differential Geometry and Mathematical Physics

This e-book includes the complaints of the detailed consultation, Geometric equipment in Mathematical Physics, held on the joint AMS-CMS assembly in Vancouver in August 1993. The papers gathered right here include a couple of new ends up in differential geometry and its functions to physics. the foremost topics contain black holes, singularities, censorship, the Einstein box equations, geodesics, index idea, submanifolds, CR-structures, and space-time symmetries.

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For any flow J 7 in a compact manifold M , catj(M, T) = 2. 22 HELLEN COLMAN 2. For any 2-dimensional Seifert fibration T, cat t (M, T) = 3. 3. Any 2-dimensional foliation in the 3-sphere has tangential category 3. 2 Transverse category An open subset U of M is transversely categorical if the inclusion map {U,Tu) *-> (M, T) factors through a leaf up to foliated homotopy. 6 The transverse category cat^ (M, T) of a foliated manifold (M, T) is the least number of transversely categorical open sets required to cover M.

One consequence of the Heitsch-Hurder reformulation of Dummy's methods was that it is possible to renormalize the transverse volume form using 36 STEVEN HURDER a leafwise smooth, transversally measurable change of scale function. If such a change of scale function can be chosen so that the new transverse volume form has uniform arbitrarily slow growth, then the modular form r\ is uniformly estimated arbitrarily close to 0, hence the Godbillon measure must vanish. This is just a measurable version of the original idea from Herman [53]!

8. A. Epstein, Foliations with all leaves compact, Ann. Inst. Fourier, 26 (1976), 265-282. 9. E. Fadell, The equivariant Lusternik-Schnirelmann method for invariant functionals and relative cohomological index theories, in Methodes Topologiques en Analyse Non-Lineaire, ed. A. Granas, Montreal, 1985. 10. A. Haefiiger, Varietes feuilletes, Ann. Scuola Norm. Pisa, (3) 16 (1962), 367-397. 11. G. Hector and U. Hirsch, Introduction to the Geometry of foliations, A and B, Vieweg, 1981-83. 12. L. Heitsch, A cohomology for foliated manifolds, Comment.

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