A Collection of Wisdom by Rodney Ohebsion

By Rodney Ohebsion

A suite of knowledge comprises over six hundred pages of the world's maximum knowledge and teachings from humans, costs, classical texts, philosophies, cultures, folktales, and proverbs. The ebook captures the essence of an grand abundance and diversity of the universe's knowledge, and places it in an unheard of point of readability, potency, and accessibility. From the lessons of Confucius to the proverbs of Africa; from Cyrus the Great's Human Rights constitution to solar Tzu's The artwork of struggle; from the Mulla Nasrudin stories to the Lakota local American cultural teachings; from The Prince by way of Niccolo Machiavelli to classes in keeping with the lifetime of Oprah Winfrey; from the company equipment of Andrew Carnegie to the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche; and from the simplest of los angeles Rochefoucauld to the simplest of Zen Buddhism--there is sort of no stone a suite of knowledge leaves unturned in its 608 pages and seventy two chapters. a suite of knowledge masterfully organizes fabric, summarizes books, makes basic causes, makes use of transparent glossy English translations of overseas fabric, makes the imprecise transparent, and takes out beside the point and redundant info. the result's a ebook that's extra precious than a stack of common self-help books, extra fascinating than a set of traditional philosophy books, and extra alluring and informative than a pile of quote and proverb books. a suite of knowledge is bound to be the center piece in anyone's own bookshelf.

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According to Taoist philosophy, there is a uniqueness to each individual, and a person who abides by Tao is in harmony with his/her own self. Many Taoists also extend this to saying that just as the Tao has its Te (power / characteristics / virtue / excellence), so does an individual have his/her own unique Te. ” In the case of deliberate effort, Taoist Taoism 33 philosophy says that the Tao is already there, so why should you go looking or “striving,” and thus neglect the inexhaustible Tao that can get everything done.

25) The Master can live surrounded by lavishness, but does not attach herself to it. (26) Be an example for the world. If you are an example for the world, you are clear and excellent, and will return to limitless [like the simplicity of the uncarved / unfinished block of wood]. (28) To those who wish to conquer and control the world, I don’t believe they can do it. The world is a sacred thing, and it cannot be controlled. He who would take it over would only worsen it; he who would hold it in his hands would only lose [grip of] it.

Snares are employed to catch rabbits, but when the rabbits are got, people forget the snares. Words are employed to convey ideas; but when the ideas are apprehended, people forget the words. I would love to find and talk to such a person who has forgot the words! Wen Hui and the Cook Wen Hui’s cook was cutting up an ox. Wen Hui was mesmerized by the cook’s superb and trancelike actions and movements, which were not only precise, but were also beautifully rhythmic, and produced music that the cook’s cutting movements danced to.

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