86 Life Answers. Scorpio by John Mesina

By John Mesina

"Scorpio: October 23 - November 22. The Scorpion.

Energetic, self reliant, passionate, decided, with willing likes and dislikes.

Answers to 86 lifestyles questions about wealth, luck and happiness. recognize thyself and your appropriate mate. Be guaranteed of your future."

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12. Secrets that could change your relationships 13. How to handle the Scorpio boss 14. Delightful hobbies just for you! 15. How to win a Scorpio heart at christmas 16. Scorpio’s secrets to better health 17. Secrets of getting ahead 18. Scorpio and the opposite sex 19. Your powerful Scorpio love nature 20. Have you a secret fear of success? 21. How to win and hold a lover 22. How to tap your moneymaking powers 23. Scorpio’s fountain of creativity! 24. How to conquer defeating habits 25. Who is your ideal mate?

Do you relate to an amor on a “soul” level? HOW TO SCORE: Start with a base of 100. Add 10 points for each yes to even-numbered questions. Deduct 10 points for each yes to odd-numbered questions. 70 – 100 Below average. Try to be less extreme. 100 – 120 Very Good. Skilled in relationships 120 – 130 Excellent. You’re irresistible! 32 Better communication for success Good communication is one of the best tools for getting ahead for you resourceful Scorpion. By using your Scorpio Solar Chart wisely, you can say the right things in just the right way to key people.

November 12 – 21: A strong Cancer influence adds depth to the emotional side of your Scorpio personality. The tenacity of the Crab blended with the determination of the Scorpion promises great potential for achieving your heart’s desire. Try to not let moodiness or possessiveness detract from your fine qualities. 8 Great gifts for Scorpio Color: Dk. Red, Black Gemstone: Oct. – Opal / Nov. – Topaz When buying for a Scorpio, keep in mind these words: mysterious... exotic... psychology. The detective of the zodiac, Scorpio enjoys whodunits no one else can unravel.

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