13 Bullets by David Wellington

By David Wellington

The entire reliable studies say they're dead-extinct because the overdue ’80s, while a fed named Arkeley nailed the final vampire in a struggle that almost killed him. however the facts proves otherwise.

When a kingdom trooper named Caxton calls the FBI searching for assist in the center of the evening, it's Arkeley who will get the assignment-who else? He’s been awaiting one of these name to come back finally. yes, it's been years given that any symptoms of an assault, yet Arkeley understands what most folks don’t: there's one left. In an deserted asylum she is rotting, plotting, and biding her time in a fashion that purely the undead can.

Caxton is out of her league in this case and greater than a bit afraid, however the fed made it undeniable that there's just one method out. however the worst factor is the sensation that the vampires wish greater than simply her blood. they wish her for a cause, one she can’t bet; a cause her sphinxlike companion understands yet won’t say; a cause she has to discover out-or die trying.

Now there are just thirteen bullets among Caxton and Arkeley and the vampires. There are just 13 bullets among us, the dwelling, and them, the damned.

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There’s a mix of trees—evergreens, never-greens, and sometime-greens—the last two leafless and bony-knuckled. Until tonight, Isuzu and her mom had been living in a hole in the ground, by which I do not mean some really run-down place or hermit’s shack, but areal hole dug in thereal ground, covered with a sheet of plywood and some AstroTurf that’s been painted brown, in honor of the season. Inside the hole—which opens out into a decent-sized mud cellar, once you get past the bottleneck of the entrance—are two air mattresses, one large, one small, a bricked-off pit full of charred twigs, a laundry basket full of laundry, and a five-gallon jug of what turns out to be boiled rainwater.

Seen on a bumper sticker, just outside Detroit 1 There’s a Sucker Born every Minute Here’s a tip: When you give the world one last chance to save your life, be specific about thehow. A selection ofA, B, orC would be good, along with a couple of “nots”—to clarify the answers youdon’t want. This is especially important if you’re a vampire and don’t really need to have your life saved,unless… I’ve come up with this advice by not following it. Which is to say, I began this night—possibly my last—with some vague notion of letting the world take one last shot at keeping me on board.

There’s only the one drink—the “housevin” —and self-serve is just more cost effective. So, instead of bartenders or waitresses, each table has a metered tap that’s pretty useless when it comes to spilling your guts. But theydo accept coins and bills and credit cards, all for your convenience. When they’re working, that is. When you don’t try feeding them a twenty that’s been out of circulation since before the change, only to find out, now that it’s too late, that it’s all you’ve got. And so you keep shoving it in and the slot keeps spitting it back, Andrew Jackson’s too-small face mocking grimly.

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