13 Balles dans la Peau (Vampire Story, Tome 1) by David Wellington

By David Wellington

Selon les rapports officiels, tous les vampires sont morts. Mais Arkeley, ancien agent fédéral, sait que l'un d'entre eux est encore en vie et manigance le retour des siens. Aussi est-il tiré de sa retraite par le FBI pour enquêter, avec Laura Caxton, sur un contrôle de regimen qui a mal tourné... Les créatures qu'ils s'apprêtent à combattre sont de véritables machines à tuer.

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Since killing the stranger in his bed might rouse the neighbors, it was not an ideal prospect. The thought of lying helpless in bed while a group of armed Roman soldiers surrounded him didn’t appeal to Theron. As such, he would wait a while and see if the two patrolmen moved along on their own. Twenty minutes later, the first light of day threatened to break over the horizon, and the soldiers still hadn’t moved. Theron could wait no longer. He checked his attire to make sure everything looked fine, even retrieving fresh dirt from the street and smudging it into his face.

Theron had expected another Bachiyr to be behind Ephraim’s treachery. But a human? What in the Father's Name was going on? Malachi stepped in, ducking his head and twisting a bit to the side in order to maneuver his broad shoulders through the doorway. He wore his shoulder-length brown hair tied back with a leather thong, leaving his craggy, olive-skinned face exposed from forehead to chin, and he didn’t look pleased. He fixed his stern features squarely on the much smaller Ephraim. “Thank ‘the Father,’ Ephraim?

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